YS6060 Benchtop Grating Spectrophotometer


The desktop spectrophotometer TS8216 is a spectrophotometer developed by 3nh using its own spectroscopic core technology. It adopts a dual-array CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity and wide spectral response range, and the test is more accurate. The repeatability ΔE*ab of the TS8216 benchtop spectrophotometer is easily controlled within 0.01, and the inter-station difference ΔE*ab is controlled within 0.12. The data is stable and reliable, and can be used for accurate color analysis and transmission in the laboratory.

Features of TS8216 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

1. Micropore diameter

TS8216 desktop spectrophotometer provides reflection: Φ0.3mm/Φ0.5mm/Φ1mm (only one aperture is selected) Transmission: Φ8mm/Φ4mm (only one aperture is selected), which is used for small area reflection samples and small volume transmission samples Chroma control.

2. Adopting the international D/8 structure, compatible with SCI/SCE measurement, and supporting SCI+SCE simultaneous fast measurement

The TS8216 desktop spectrophotometer adopts D/8 illumination observation conditions and SCI/SCE (including specular reflection/exclusive specular reflection) synthesis technology, which is widely applicable in the world, and supports SCI+SCE simultaneous rapid measurement.

3. Dual-array CMOS image sensor

It has high sensitivity and wide spectral response range, which ensures the measurement speed, accuracy, stability and consistency of the instrument.

4. Multiple color measurement spaces and multiple observation light sources

TS8216 Benchtop Spectrophotometer provides CIE LAB, XYZ, Yxy, LCh, CIE LUV, Musell, s-RGB, HunterLab, βxy, DIN Lab99 color space, and D65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F1, F2 ,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,CWF,DLF,TL83,TL84,TPL5,U30 kinds of observation light sources, which can meet the special measurement requirements under different measurement conditions.

5. Using combined full-spectrum LED light source and UV light source

The full-band balanced LED light source ensures sufficient spectral distribution in the visible light range, avoids the spectral loss of white LEDs in specific bands, and ensures the measurement speed of the instrument and the accuracy of the measurement results. The professional UV light source ensures more reliable UV testing.

6. Metrological verification report

Each TS8216 desktop spectrophotometer has been verified and tested. The instrument is verified according to the measurement standards of the authoritative verification department. The measurement data is traceable to the National Metrology Institute to ensure the authority of the instrument test data.

7. Industrial-grade high-definition touch screen, easy-to-use user interface



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