MS3012 Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer


3nh Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer Cooltech MS3003 is used to evaluate effect The surface appearance of the finish is affected by different viewing angles and viewing conditions, and can provide accurate and consistent color for metallic, pearlescent and other complex special effect color products Measurement.

Cooltech MS3003 multi-angle spectrophotometer adopts industrial-grade MCU and is equipped with 3 measurement angles. Under the blessing of an optical measurement system with superior performance, MS3003 multi-angle spectrophotometer has excellent performance in multi-angle color difference measurement. On curved surfaces, there is also high measurement accuracy and stability.

Cooltech MS3003 Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer Technical Features

1. Multi-angle measurement

Using 3 light sources and 1 receiver, it can measure 3 angles at the same time



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